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Product Categories:XTP-260-6C + 1 high-speed satellite-based full-rotation trademark printing presses

product description:Rotary letterpress, Fully Rotary Flexographic printing,FUlly Rotary Waterless Offset, label printing

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Product Details

XTP-260-6C+1 full rotary letterpress

Standard configuration

XTP-260-6C+1+1 full rotary letterpress

one set

Paper splicing station

one set

Automatic web guiding system (with supersonic photocell)

one set

1000 diameter central impression drum

one piece

Printing system (with auto  wash-up system)

six sets

Flexo Varnishing 

one set

Meter couter/sheet couter/speed meter

one piece of each

5KW UV curing system

six  sets

7KW UV curing system

one set

Corona treating system

one set

Plate mounting table

one piece

Printing cylinder (upon customer's request)

two sets(totally 12purchase)

Pare rubber rollers

one set(totally 6 purchase)



Satellite Structure for better over print in chromaticity;

6 Colors Standard Sets with Varnishing, Corona Theater and Web Guild systems;

Alarm System for operation safety management;

Material tension controller during operation;

Ink Change/Clean process support by on-line by Power-off, Lower Maintenance Cost ;

Easy Printing Length Management by Gear and Cylinder adjustment;


Plate Making Reference:

Photopolymer Plate; Plate Hardness: 45~55°; Plate Thickness: 0.95mm; Depth: 0.96mm


Suitable Material:

Regular Adhesive Label, Laminate Film, Shrinkable Film and Petrochemical (PCV, PC, PET, PP, PE)… etc.





General Consumer

Health & Beauty

Wine & Spirits